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The advantages of using Solar Air Coolers

Air coolers and air conditioners are two different things. If the air conditioner is to cool the room, then the air more cooling functions only to make the room temperature drops.

There are several types of air coolers. The first is the evaporative cooler, and the second is the solar air cooler.

So, what are the benefits of using Solar Air Cooler?

1. Low wattage

Solar air cooler is an energy-efficient cooler because solar water cooler uses solar energy. If you use an air conditioner, they need at least the lowest power around 300 watts. So, imagine bringing AC to your house, you can spend a lot of money to pay for electricity.

2. Lowering the Room Temperature

The main task of the solar air cooler is to lower the room temperature. The water cooler can reduce the room temperature up to 5-10 Celsius. So, the water cooler is recommended to be used in a room with good air circulation, so the room is not damp while the air conditioner must be used in a closed room so that the cold temperature is maintained.

That’s also why there is a humidifier button. This button serves to reduce humidity. So, if you buy an air cooler, check whether it has a humidifier function.

3. Must be refilled.

Solar water cooler uses water cooling material, ice cube, or ice jell. Usually, a water tank or ice cube water cooler is 5 liters and can provide coolness for up to 3-4 hours. After that, you have to fill again to fill the water cooler tank.

4. Portable.

The solar water cooler can be moved everywhere, while AC can’t just be installed on the wall.

5. What is the difference between the fans?

Many people think that the water cooler is the same

with a fan. Though it is a different matter, the wind produced by the air cooler is much cooler than the fan that only makes the surrounding air move. Well, for some people who feel the air cooler is not much different from the fan, mostly because they don’t understand how to use it. And one thing, if the water cooler is not filled with water and the humidifier is not activated, then the wind will be the same as the fan.

6. Healthy or not?

Here it is a question that is often asked, is the water cooler actually healthy or not?

Keep in mind the air cooler cools the room with increased humidity from water and ice cubes. This means your room will be humid and many things that can happen in a humid room, including diseases. Even so, there is already an air cooler that is equipped with an air filter and bacteria. Therefore, on every product, the air cooler is always reminded to be used in rooms that have good air circulation, so that the humidity level is not high.

7. Side effects.

Actually, the side effects of the air cooler are almost nothing but making the room humid. However, I remind you not to use this water cooler directly to the body! Just put it in the corner and enjoy the room temperature down.

Here are some tips so as not to buy the wrong Air Cooler:

Buy Only from Trusted Sellers

Trusted sellers can usually help guarantee claims and also make sure the products they sell are functioning correctly. Not to mention for large sellers, they do not hesitate to provide a store guarantee for 3-5 days since use.

For online sellers, choose one that has a store warranty, usually written product return guarantee. The return guarantee time varies, generally when this return guarantee is valid for 15 days. One of the best water cooler providers is Vankool. You can visit the website at

Buy an Easy Claimed Brand Warranty

The water cooler is indeed easy maintenance, only need to drain the water tank at least two times a month and clean the filter. However, there are still possibilities such as a broken filter and the pump not working even though not forgetting to put water can happen.

Choosing a brand that is easy to claim guarantees will be very helpful in this regard. Also, make sure that the warranty is given for at least one full year and an official written guarantee. If the distributor warranty depends on the distributor who distributes, usually the claim is difficult, and the warranty time is shorter.

Choose Which is Equipped with Remote

Previously, this remote did not work to regulate the temperature like that of the air conditioner. This is because the water cooler can’t be adjusted yet. If you want it to be colder, then manually add ice.

The existing remote functions to set whether the conditioning function will be turned on or not. It also can be for the fan speed level. If there is more than one type of fan, the remote can also be used to determine which fan will be turned on, thus making it more practical.

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