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Rare Flowers And Their Specialty

We can find so many flowers which are rare to be found, we can’t say sunflower, cotton plants to be rare because it grows in types of soil but to simply say we can get them through online flower delivery in Ludhiana. The rare flowers mean those which were available in those days and are presently so rarely found.

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  • Yakla snow lotus

These flowers are found in the Himalayas after the attitude of 3500-4300 m. So why is it name Yakla snow lotus?
The name has been given to the snow lotus after the Yakla pass as Yakla snow lotus. And the best feature about is that it has no stem and this is the only flower which has no stem in the perennial region.  The flower in the center is deep purple and it is of the symmetric appearance.

  • Magenta Ghost flower

Don’t get scared that this flower has a ghost in it. Few people thought that if you grow this plant you will get ghost in your house. This is just a mock on how people think. Well, this plant looks so beautiful with white from the interior center and on the edge of the petals, you will find purple. This flower grows in part of Western Ghats.

  • Long Flowered Spider Lily

This flower in the name itself shows how it will look, the flowers color is like that of lily and it resembles as if it is a spider that is it has a long petal. And that portrays to be a spider.

  • Siroi Lily

One of the most beautiful lily because all the petals are faced upwards. And looks too beautiful when it is used for decoration. This is found in Manipur and only in Ukhrul district of Manipur.

  • Spotted Strobilanthes

This is the rarest plant found and smallest too. And mainly this plant originated in Khasi hills and now it is present in Calcutta Botanic Garden. This flower is also found in some parts of Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland.

  • Rebe

It is the rarest flower which has high medicinal value and it has been discovered in 115 years ago by the research team of Arunachal botanists.

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