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6 Indoor Plants That You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones On Special Occasion

On every special occasion, while you search for the best gifts for your loved ones and end up buying the same usual gifts, you forget that how thoughtful can an indoor plant be. Yes, if you really want to wish your loved ones a healthy and prosperous life on birthdays or Diwali or Christmas or New Year, you should gift them an indoor plant. It is because there are a variety of house plants available in the market, some of which are NASA-approved natural air purifies and some of which are believed to bring good fortune, according to the Feng Shui lore. Sounds engrossing? If yes, then find out here a suggestion of six such indoor plants that make the best gifts for any special occasion:

Bamboo Plant

Nothing can be a more thoughtful gift for your friend than a lucky bamboo plant who has just moved into a new home. Yes, a bamboo plant is a low-maintenance and easy to care plant and is believed to bring peace, and good luck to the home. Therefore, now you don’t have struggle while buying a housewarming gift for your relatives because you already know what to buy now.

Money Plant

Money plant is one of the best indoor plants known for purifying polluted air. According to the Feng Shui experts, placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner reduces anxiety and stress. Money plants are believed to attract positive energies and reduce sleep disorders like insomnia. Also, out of the wide variety of indoor plants online, money plants are the most common one.


These tall green plants bear heat-shaped waxy blooms in shades or red, salmon, pink, and white. These blooms are technically the modified leaves of the same plant. These plants need direct sunlight to continue blooming throughout the year. The only thing that you need to confirm before gifting these to your loved one is if they have pets or kids in their house or not as these are poisonous.

Air Plant

As the name suggests, air plants don’t require soil to grow. These plants are small and easy to take care of. The best way to take care of these plants is to soak these once every two weeks for fifteen minutes and sometimes even overnight. Air plants look very cute and can be a great house decorating tool too.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is one of the popular Christmas flowers that makes a great Holiday gift for this obvious reason. Christmas Cactus produce flowers in rosy red, white, pink, yellow, orange, depending on the variety of the plant. These flowers even last for years if given proper care. As these are succulents, you don’t need to water them more often.


Orchids are set to become one of the most popular indoor plants because of their beautiful flowers.

Available in a rainbow of colors and sizes, orchids make one of the versatile plant gift that can fit into any special occasion.

So, if you want to wish a healthy and prosperous life to your loved ones but don’t know how, go ahead to say it with house plants.

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